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Small to Medium-Sized Business

Helping small to medium-sized businesses grow their presence.

Large Companies & Corporations

An extra marketing hand for large businesses and corporations.

Dalana A. Morse


With 20+ years in sales and marketing, I have gained valuable insights and understanding of what it takes to effectively reach target audiences and achieve tangible results. I have been a one woman marketing department across several roles for many years.

I had to know all the things so I could do all the things!

Now, I am offering my knowledge, skills and services to you -- no more juggling responsibilities or costs associated with hiring an in-house marketing team.

As your dedicated "marketing department," I can be responsible for planning, executing, and managing all aspects of your events, advertising, brand development, digital marketing, print and web design, content development and more. 

Because I stay current with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices, I can help you navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape and adapt to emerging opportunities and challenges.

Let me be your trusted partner, so we can elevate your brand and drive growth for your DAM business.